Today is the day I have been waiting for. It’s Friday and The LEGO Batman Movie is out in theaters today! I already have seen that after the red carpet premiere of the movie that critics are saying the movie is absolutely awesome and there are some fun voice cameos in the movie. I wonder what that will be like and if I will notice that. I hope so. 


If you have not had a chance to watch my LEGO Batman Movie toy reviews which include unboxing the toys, time lapse or stop motion animation speed builds and going over the features and minifigures, well… then what are you waiting for? Check them out here in this playlist which starts with my latest Batman set that just uploaded to YouTube today: You’re gonna love these videos!


Want to see more Toy Reviews?  Don’t miss out on the new videos we post 2 or 3 times each week… Click this link to Join in on the fun:  LucasTV Toy Reviews




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