With great excitement, my dad and I browsed through the new magazine style LEGO catalog that arrived in the mail at our home this week. We always look forward to the new season catalog from LEGO. Although we stay connected to online news and sites, including LEGO’s online store, and even have already bought several of the new LEGO sets for Spring 2017, we still look forward to the print catalog. 

As a LEGO VIP member, we receive bonus points when buying directly from LEGO and as we collect reward points we get money off new purchases when we are ready to make an order and click the little button to redeem our points. At this moment, we have $60 in reward money for a future (and as always it will be a very-near future) purchase on Shop.Lego.com.

So, without further waiting, here is the video of me and my dad looking through the catalog and giving you a close up look along with us. I hope you enjoy our commentary along the way.

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