Ready to take on the whole empire like Dak told Luke Skywalker in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back? Well, I’m pretty sure you will turn out better than Dak did against the AT-ATs if you take on the Empire with LEGO’s ┬ánewest Ultimate Collector Series LEGO Star Wars vehicle. It is the Snowspeeder and it is chock full of details with a little over 1,700 lego brick pieces. This UCS set is for ages 14 and up, but I’m guessing a lot of dads out there are going to spring for this little gem for their little ones under 14. That is just a guess but I happen to be one of those dads that will be buying this set for my under 14 year old son. Of course, he has a YouTube toy review channel which conveniently gives me a great excuse to give him this new LEGO set for a fun time lapse speed build for the cameras. So, I am all in. I’ll be buying it on May 4th 2017 when it becomes available. It is exclusively at LEGO so you’ll have to buy it online at or find your nearest LEGO retail store.

Here below is the announcement video with set pictures we posted on YouTube yesterday regarding the new LEGO Snowspeeder UCS set by us at LucasTV. Enjoy the slideshow pictures.


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